My Firestorm Armada fleet is slowly being painted. I had some issues where I had to wait for some new paints to come in and then I’ve just been distracted by other things. I played Mass Effect 1 & 2 in preparations for this Tuesday. So now, I have my six frigates painted and the escorts are almost completed. In other miniature news. Clark has finally completed his six-year goal of talking me into buying into Warhammer Fantasy. As of yesterday an order for a High Elf army was placed in addition to a Skaven army (another one of our friends decided to get in as well). So once those come in, expect some pictures.

I’ll have some pictures of our fleets up by Wednesday. I had some picture issues and some others just need to be edited / touched up.


This is going to be a quick post. Friends and I have decided we are going to try out a new space battle miniature game called Firestorm Armada. Well my fleet finally arrived today and are being primed as I type this. Expect some pictures up later tonight/early tomorrow of my fleet. Painting will begin this weekend.


As a great deal of gamers know, Modern Warfare 3 came out at midnight and I can say I was one of the many waiting in line at my local Wal-Mart. (I’m not a fan of Gamestop, so if I go any place for a midnight release, it’s Wal-Mart)

After coming home and taking care of the chores that involve stepping foot into my house (ie, letting the dog out) I planned on making a quick post, bragging about obtaining MW3; only to find out that my internet* was down and had been for some time. I occupied my time with some NHL 12 and L.A. Noire until recently when my internet has decided to come back on. I think I’ll try to get a few games in, but the bulk of my evening has been wasted.

I’ll try to have my review up by Saturday of the online play. I’m very interested in seeing a few people post on Facebook that “MW3 sucks. I think I’m going to trade this in for Battlefield 3″

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Preparing for our upcoming Shadowrun campaign I decided it would be best to add some tools to help aid me. Last week I ordered the Runner’s Toolkit from Amazon. It comes loaded with some pretty nice toys that I think will help me out.

Here are all the fun things that came in it:

DM Screen (Super nice)
Sticker that says “Shadowrun”
Five Books (I’ll get into them later)
Six double-sided sheets that break down game mechanics (See the images below)
Four sheets with location layouts, double-sided. One side with a legend saying what everything is and the other side blank so the players won’t know what is what.

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Diablo IIi Collectors Edition BoxAs many of you are aware I have been following Diablo 3 since Blizzard first announced it. Yesterday it was announced that Amazon has begun taking pre-orders on Diablo 3 for $99.99. Now the real question is, what comes in this box? As usual, Blizzard has stuffed it with some goodies!

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For those of you that enjoy listening to our groups podcast sessions. We are working on setting up a new Shadowrun session and should hopefully start next Saturday. Although we have had talk of starting it up this Friday. It seems less likely we will start Friday, but the option is there.

There is also talk of setting up a group to try out a new game one of our guys picked up. He’s been wanting to run a one-shot session of it, so if we can figure out a day everyone can try it out, be looking for that one. I’m not sure what the name of the game is, but I was told the game is similar to Shadowrun, but not, Shadowrun.

To finish out the podcast talk, I recently placed an order with Amazon to pick up the Mouse Guard RPG Box Set. I have been told it’s a really good game and with the released of a box set. I saw no reason to not pick up the game to give it a look over.

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Friday my friend and I made a trip up to Indianapolis to catch an Indiana Ice (hockey) game. Was a pretty solid game from start to finish and the Ice won 2-0 against the Waterloo Black Hawks. With a few good goals and a several decent hits, I was disappointed our seats where kind of “bleh.” I did, however, have a nice guy sitting next to me as he offered some pointers on how to use my camera (Nikon D90) a little better and provided me tips on how to use it in manual setting vs automatic options. I was then instructed that during the 3rd period I was only to shoot in manual mode for practice. I would like to think, for my first attempt at shooting in pure manual mode, most of the images turned out pretty well.

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As you can see, the website has seen a slight over-haul and change to the overall layout. I’m not 100% sure if it will remain like this, but I’m a little more happy with the way it currently looks. I would like to take the website in a slightly different direction. My goal is to have the site, basically three sites within the one. I would like to have a section for short stories that I create and will be able to share (perhaps someday I will also receive some feedback on my stories from you, the reader). My hobby of painting miniatures for a game called Malifaux has really been kicked into overdrive and I want to be able to post pictures and show each models progression as I work on it. I’m still pretty new to the hobby, but I would like to share what I’ve done and allow others (and myself) to view how I progress and hopefully become better over time as I continue to work on the models.

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Another week, another Shadowrun Podcast. Sad to say I have two issues with this post. The first being, that something happened and for some reason my computer stopped recording the game. The second, it’s a true shame, because the game went south on us toward the end of our mission and the party pretty much got wiped. Shit happens when you run in the shadows, right? So, this may be the last podcast for a while until we can regroup and figure out what to do next.

I personally have made 2-3 characters recently and not fully in the mood to create another at the moment, so I think I personally may be sitting out of Shadowrun for a while. I have been offered to play in some D&D 4th Edition though, so depending on if we play at my house or not, I’ll see about getting some podcast of that up on the site. Stay tuned, and sorry you won’t get to hear our group dying toward the end.


So thing have been a little crazy around the house lately. With the lack of school and the attempt of job hunting, I’ve been very un-focused. Guess that is to be expected when you have classes for so long to finally have nothing every day. So I feel bad that I have been neglecting the website. I’ve also been a little discouraged with the new layout, as it has caused some bugs I wasn’t expecting, but now that I’ve learned about them I have been looking into either tweaking the page or creating a whole new one as well. Continue reading “Podcast: Shadowrun: 5-28-2011 and 6-03-2011” »